School: Cill Átha (roll number 9298)

Killagh More, Co. Galway
Mrs Pender

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Cill Átha | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0045, Page 0148

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sun-burn during the year. Some years ago the people would not give a drop of new milk to their neighbours for fear they would bring the luck of the butter from the house.
On Saint John's night bonfires are lighted. We see boys out gathering sticks and turf in order to have a good bonfire. Long ago al the village people would gather found the fire, singing and dancing went on till midnight. When they were going home each one brought a coal from the bonfire and put it into his own fire at home.
Long ago and up to the present day people kill a cock for Saint Martin's Day and his blood is sprinkled in every corner in the house.
On Halloween it was a custom amongst the old people to make pancakes and put a ring in them. Then all went to table and the pancake was divided. The person who gets the slice with the ring in it was supposed to get married first.

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Mary Clarke