School: Cill Átha (roll number 9298)

Killagh More, Co. Galway
Mrs Pender
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0045, Page 0139

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0045, Page 0139

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  1. We sow about two acres of potatoes each year. During the winter months manure called top dressing is spread on the tillage. In March the ground is ploughed. Next it is harrowed with a timber harrow to break all the humps. When the ground is ready for sowing the potatoes it is usually very fine.
    The potatoes are sown in drills. When the ground it prepared drills are made with the plough. When the drills are made farmyard manure is spread on them. The potatoes are cut into small pieces called slits. There must be an eye in each slit. Then a manure called guano is
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    Mary Curley