School: Caisleán an Fhrinnsigh (roll number 11707/10648)

Castle Ffrench, Co. Galway
Micheál Mac Shiúrtáin

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The Local Fairs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0044, Page 0063

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The local fairs are held in the towns and villages. The villages in which they are held are Caltra, Ahascragh, Ballygar and Mountbellew and many others. The towns are Ballinasloe and Tuam.
There is a great fair in Ballinasloe every year in the month of October. It lasts for one week.
When a man is selling a beast he has to give a little money back to the man who buys it. It is called luck-penny.
When a man is selling a horse he has to give five or six shillings to the man who buys it. When a man is selling pigs he gives a few shillings back to the man who buys them.
There is a special fair for all stock. there is a special fair for hoses and pigs, but cattle and sheep are sold and bought at the same fair.
There is a special fair in each village seven or eight times every year. The place where the stock is gathered at a fair is called a far-green.
When there is a good demand for cattle, the dealers come to houses the day before the fair and they buy them.
The horse fair is only held two or three

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Francis Shaughnessy
Ballyvoneen, Co. Galway