School: Caisleán an Fhrinnsigh (roll number 11707/10648)

Castle Ffrench, Co. Galway
Micheál Mac Shiúrtáin

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Our Holy Wells

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0044, Page 0043

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There are no holy wells in this district, but there is one in the parish of Ahascragh, and it is only a few hundred yards from the townland of Eskermore. There are some boys from Eskermore coming to this school. There is a pilgrimage to it on October 15th every year. The people go fifteen times round the well. A man brought a blind horse to it once. The horse was cured, but the man lost his sight. There is a man named Mr.Mahon living near the well. He too some water from it once, and he put it into a kettle. He hung it over the fire, but the water would not boil. The people drink the water when they are on a pilgrimage to it, and they leave their hats after them when they are going home. An old woman sells the water

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John Kilduff
Ballyvoneen, Co. Galway