School: Caisleán an Fhrinnsigh (roll number 11707/10648)

Castle Ffrench, Co. Galway
Micheál Mac Shiúrtáin

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The Games I Play

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0044, Page 0039

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I play many games at home, namely foot-ball, hurdling, see-saw, pitch and toss, hide and seek, swinging and many others.
I pick nuts in autumn, and I have a great time nut-cracking then. I put a nut into the fire sometimes, and it makes a great noise when it bursts.
I pick blackberries in autumn also, and my mother makes jam of them.
I make cradle-birds in winter, and I catch lots of birds in them. I make traps, and I catch crows and rats in them.
I make snares in winter also, and I catch lots of rabbits and hares in them.
I love to go sliding on the ice in winter, and I make snowmen when the snow is on the ground.
I often get a hoop, and I beat it with a stick to put it running. I make a top sometimes also,

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Patrick Hurley
Currafarry, Co. Galway