School: Órán Mór (B) (roll number 4506)

Oranmore, Co. Galway
Micheál Ó agus Máire Bean Uí Shuilleabháin

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Órán Mór (B) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0032, Page 0429

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Then the witch said “I have you” and she took down the bag. The cat and the dog were all cream and the jug was broken, by that time Hairy had the steed gone and he went back to the king with the steed. The girls said Hairy to be burned in a barrel of tar . He was burned and out walked a man out of the fire and he married the princess and they lived happily ever after.

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There was a widow one time and she had three sons.

There was a widow one time and she had three sons. When the eldest son was going she asked him which would he take a full chicken and her curse or half a chicken and her blessing. The son said he would take the full chicken and her curse. He went off and he came to a well. He sat down to eat some of the chicken. An old witch came up from the well. She asked some of the chicken he said he had not enough for himself. He asked the witch where he would get work. She told him to go to the King's palace. He went to the Kings palace. The King gave him a job. The job was to bring out wild hares on a mountain and to gather them all in the evening and bring them to the palace

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Seán de Burca
Pat Costello
Glennascaul, Co. Galway