School: Baile an Doire (roll number 16410)

Ballinderry, Co. Galway
Tomás Ó Maolmhichíl

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0021, Page 0248

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Herbs are weeds that grow in fields and gardens. Some of these herbs can cure diseases but others of them are poisonous. God made them I am sure for some purpose.
Here are some of the herbs which can cure diseases. The Garlic or "on Garlóg" was an herb which grew in every garden long ago. It was said that it could cure "Mumps" or swelling around the neck.
The flaggers were herbs that grew in old gardens. It could cure a sore throat. It is a flat herb. These were sown together and put round the place where the throat was sore. This herb was able to cure that disease.
The Awin is also another herb supposed to be able to cure an old burn. This herb grew mostly in old gardens also.
The dandeline is another herb that grows in gardens, fields and other places. It is said that this herb can cure delicacy.
The Rhubarb is also an herb which grows in most gardens. The stalk of this herb is healthy but the leaf of it is poisonous.
The dock-leaf which generally grow in

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Patrick Freaney
Ballynastuckaun, Co. Galway