School: Gleann Fhaoilidh (Gleneely)

Gleneely, Co. Donegal
Pádraig Mac Fhinn

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Gleann Fhaoilidh (Gleneely) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1099, Page 192

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what had happened to him, but the neighbours judged by the soiled state of his clothing and his evident exhaustion that he had spent the night wandering around in the darkness while his mind was a complete blank.

This huge boulder, shaped like a chair, is the property of Mrs. McMonagle of Corrasheisk, Killygordon. A giant, long since dead, is supposed to have used it as a seat long ago. As an explanation of how the stone got there it is said that two giants over in Lismulladuff Glen - about three miles away- were testing their strength to see which could throw the stone the greater distance. The giant who won the test threw his stone on top of Cornasheisk Mt. and decided henceforth he would live there.
A little distance below the stone a huge tombstone marks the spot where the giant lies buried. The tombstone is cut out in the shape of the giants's own body. Writing can be traced on the upper surface of the stone but it is so blurred that it is impossible to decipher it. Local tradition has it that a great treasure lies buried in this grave.

J. Reid Prine
Ballyarrell Mountain or Cornashesk