School: St Pappan's, Ballymun

Ballymun, Co. Dublin
M. O' Riordan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 304

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 304

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  1. Tubberbunny Well
    There is a place called Tubberbunny between Collinstown and Cloghran. In it there is a beautiful well.
    There is a story told about the well. Years ago a poor widow with a lot of children lived near it in Tubberbunny lane. Her children were all sick with fever and nobody would give her milk. One day the priest came in and the woman told him that she couldn’t get any milk for her children. “Never mind my good woman, God will send you milk” were the priest’s words. Next morning the woman went out to get a bucket of water at her well but she found that the water had turned into milk. So
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    Toberbunny, Co. Dublin
    John Nagle
    Toberbunny, Co. Dublin