School: St Pappan's, Ballymun

Ballymun, Co. Dublin
M. O' Riordan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 280

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 280

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  1. The Crock of Gold
    There is a crock of gold supposed to be hidden to this day in a field called the Lawn at Pickardstown near the Boot Inn.
    People say that two men and a woman having dreamed of the gold three nights in succession went to dig for it one night. In order to get the gold they were not to speak to each other while digging. When they were supposed to be near the crock the British Soldiers would pass by but they were not to mind them but keep on digging.
    Having dug for a long time they came at last to a big flat stone. They were just going to lift it up when suddenly the woman shouted out “O here are the soldiers’ and immediately the gold went jingling down into the ground. All was lost. Nobody has ever
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    Pickardstown, Co. Dublin
    John Fields
    Coultry, Co. Dublin