School: Baldoyle (B.)

Baldoyle, Co. Dublin
M. Ó Hannracháin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0791, Page 226

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Here are some of the cures from long ago.
If you have a sty in your eye get your mothers wedding ring and point it at the sty.
Here is a cure for warts. Get a snail and rub it on it, then put the snail on a thorn bush. When the snail withers so will the wart. Here is another cure, go to the blacksmiths forge and put your hand into the water that the blacksmith cools his irons with, and the wart will disappear
If you have a sprain or a hurt on any part of your body get some-one to pump spring water on it, and it will be all right.
If your arm or leg or knee or elbow is stiff after a break rub goose grease on it. If you have gout in your foot melt washing soda and rub it on it.
If you have pains in your feet wash them in the sea. If you have a pain in your back boil down seaweed and rub it on your back.

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Micheal Ó Catháin
Grange Road, Co. Dublin