School: Mulhuddart (roll number 16675)

Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin
Tomás Ó Broin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 81

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 81

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  1. The principal wild birds around this district are; Crows, blackbirds, thrushes, wagtails, robins, magpies, swallows, corncrakes, cuckoo, sparrows, water-hens, finches, wild-ducks, larks, starlings, linnets, kingfishers, pigeons, jackdaws, scaldcrows, wrens, hawks, plovers, snipes, cranes, partridges, pheasants, yellow-hammers, stone-chats.
    The birds that build their nests in these different places are:-
    In trees = Crows, jackdaws, scaldcrows, pigeons, starlings,
    finches, hawks, magpies.
    In hedges = Blackbirds, thrushes, sparrows,
    In House Eves= Swallows, house sparrows.
    In River banks = Wild ducks, cranes, water-hens, and Kingfishers
    In Banks = Robins, Linnets, wagtail,
    On the ground = Larks, snipes, Pheasants, corncrakes and Plovers
    In Walls = Stonechats.
    In chimneys = Crows and jackdaws.
    The materials of the nests are:-
    The birds that build in the trees make their nests of sticks which are kept together with clay and
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