School: Mulhuddart (roll number 16675)

Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin
Tomás Ó Broin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 79

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 79

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  1. Local Forges
    There are five forges in the parish and two of them are situated in the district of Mulhuddart. One of them is owned by Mr Lacy and the owner of the other is Mr Woods. The forge in the village is situated beside a crossroads .The present smith is Mr Sommers but the owner of the forge is Mr Lacy he works in it still, sometimes. It was Mr Lacy's great great grandfather who first owned the forge. The door of the forge consists of two half doors. The walls are built of stones and mortar and this is coated with lime. The roof is made of zinc but about ten years ago there was a thatched roof on it. There are three windows in the forge one in the back and two in the front. Some of the floor is made of wood and the remaining part is made of hard clay. There is one fire in the forge at present but long ago there were two fires in it and three smiths worked in it. The smoke came out of the one chimney. Farm implements are mended in the forge but none are made in it. Horses and donkeys are the
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    1. activities
      1. economic activities
        1. trades and crafts (~4,680)
          1. smithing (~2,389)
    Kathleen Caffrey
    Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin