School: Mulhuddart (roll number 16675)

Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin
Tomás Ó Broin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 77

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 77

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  1. The Brick Field
    On Mr Hoey's land in Buzzardstown there is a field called the Brick Field. It is said that there were bricks manufactured there long ago. The clay of the field is red the colour of a brick. Some time ago there was something in the shape of an oven found in the field. It was found buried in the clay.
    The Pin Mill
    It is said that there was a pin mill on the Mill Banks long ago. The mill was driven by a wheel which was turned by the water of the river. There is still a trace of the Mill race. The mill race was a little river shooting out from the Tolka and joining it again further down. The water was let run through this to turn the wheel which stopped when the water was shut off.
    The Flour Mill
    There was supposed to be a flour mill on the Mill Banks too long ago. There was flour ground init and it was also driven by the water of the river.
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