School: Clonsilla

Clonsilla, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Cholmáin

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Castleknock Old Monastery

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 7

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There is an old cemetery in Castleknock, behind the college. The majority of the priests and brothers who were in the ancient monastery, are buried there. The Danes built the big tower as a fort or defence.

There are some remains of the old monastery, that was there about three-hundred years ago. There was a cave from the college to Chaplizod, and the Danes hid a lot of swords in it, and covered it in.
In the year 1884 there was a priest who tried to go through this tunnel and he found the swords also some valuable books in it. He ordered his men to dig down, and when they to a gate, the Bishop would not let them go any further, he thought that this was a gate to a cemetery.
The swords and books are still to be found at the college. One of the books is very useful, because it tells the history of the college.
Attached to the monastery are twenty five acres of land. Some of it is tilled, and the remainder is for grazing pastures. One particular piece of ground is for a grave-yard where the old brothers are buried. It is still left untilled and no one ever

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Gretta Hughes
Porterstown, Co. Dublin