School: Clonsilla

Clonsilla, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Cholmáin

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The Stray Sod

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 21

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Some 30 years ago with moters and buses were unknown and people had to travel about mostly on foot dirty needless to say every available shortcut was made to use of. One dark winter night a certain young man working and living in Clonsilla went on a visit to Lucan passing through luttrellstown demense for short he lost his way and found himself walking around and around and could not find his way out. Beads of perspiration gathered on his forehead.

When he beheld himself he was being followed by a lady in grey. After a while he found himself following the lady. The lady moved away off the circle and he followed her and soon found himself at the gate entrance.
Afterwards he learned that there were many stray sods on the estate and the lady was a world known harmless ghost. She had married one of the bad luttrels and lead a most unhappy life. The man to his dying day after told of his gratitude to the ghost (the grey lady) of Luttrelstown Castle Clonsilla for getting him away from the stray sod.

Tommy Lynch