School: Cluain le Fán (roll number 12817)

Cloonliffen, Co. Mayo
Seán Ó Callaráin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0101, Page 279

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There are many kinds of herbs such as the Dandelion and the nettle and several others which are used for many purposes. The nettle is given to young ducks and turkeys as it is very good food. The milk of the Dandelion is a very good cure for warts. The dandelion is used in every medicine, it is also used for making wine. The dandelion has a big leaf because it has a big name.

There is a herb called the garr it kills sheep if they eat it as it is all poisoin. The garlic plant has a cure for a bad cold. The onion plant is like the garlic plant. The skin's of onions and the moss of a rock and the moss of a tree when mixed to-gether can dye-clothes. There is a little red plant and when boiled it is a cure for a horse that has a cough. Long ago the old people used the dock-leaf as a cure for a sting from a nettle. There is also a cure in the nettle for a sore back If a person get the roots of the nettle and wash them very clean, then boil them and drink the juice.

Martin Sullivan
Cuslough Demesne, Co. Mayo