School: Mainistir Mhuigheó (B)

Mayo Abbey, Co. Mayo
Padraig Ó Cuinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0100, Page 053

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0100, Page 053

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  1. Churning
    We have a churn at home. It is about a foot and a half high and afoot wide. The bottom is round and two feet on it. The churn is about ten years old. The churning is made once a week. when the churning is on if any one came in they would take the churn for a while or if they did not do that the people say that they would bring the butter. If the weather was cold they would put warm water into it and if the weather was warm they would put cold water into the churn. The dash goes round about within in the churn, The churn is worked by hand and some by foot. The churning takes about a half hour. The woman of the house that makes the churning. When the butter is made it gathers to the top of the milk in the middle of the churn. The butter is taken out with butter spades then the salt is
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    1. activities
      1. economic activities
        1. agriculture (~2,659)
          1. butter and churns (~3,280)
    Michael Walsh
    Curry (Kirwan), Co. Mayo
    Patrick Walsh
    Curry (Kirwan), Co. Mayo