School: Eaglais

Burren, Co. Mayo
S. Ó Mongaigh

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Giving Poteen to the Ghost Cat

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0089, Page 091

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A long time ago a man and his two daughters lived in a little house. The only way they had to make a living for themselves was to make poteen. They used to carry it in what they call kegs. So one bright night as the two daughters were going to the town of Castlebar on their way they had to pass an old lonely place. Garrdha Bán, as it was called. When they were passing this place they heard the lonesome cry of a cat calling for poteen. They had poteen with them that same night and they were going to sell it. The thought they heard the cat saying "Mary asthore you have great poteen" They went on until they came to Castlebar. It was to the Sergeant they were selling it. So the Sergeant took the cork off the keg in order to treat the two girls before they would leave the barrick. When he began to pour out the poteen he saw it was milk that came out instead. Then they all began to wonder what happened. The girls told the Sergeant what happened on their way. The sergeant told them if they had given one drop to the cat nothing would have happened. So they had to take it back again with them. It was between the hours of 11 and 12 o'clock that night when they came to the very same spot the cat came before them again. He began to cry again. Then they threw him some of the stuff. When the girls came

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Caitlín Ní Chuinn
Sheeans, Co. Mayo
John Quinn
Sheeans, Co. Mayo