School: Eaglais

Burren, Co. Mayo
S. Ó Mongaigh

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Eaglais | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0089, Page 033

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Once upon a time a priest lost a purse of money on the road. He called it out to the people and said that the one that got the money should return it that it would be known on them before a year. It happened that a crow was passing that road and found it. She brought it to her nest. Soon she lost all her feathers and every thing. She used to come to everybody's door and screach outside it. The people knew that there was something wrong. They followed the crow to her nest and found the purse of money in it.

Once upon a time a man and his wife had a good cow to sell. They were expecting £10 for the cow. When the fair day came the man told his wife to go with the cow to the fair and to ask for the highest penny in the market. So the woman went. A man came and asked her what price she wanted for the cow. She told him that she wanted the highest penny in the market. The man got a bit of wax and put it on top of his stick. Then he got a penny and stuck on the wax. He put the stick up over his head. Now said the man "that is the highest penny in the market. So the woman had to give the cow to the man. The woman went home crying. that is the end of my story.