School: Skerdagh, Newport (roll number 3905)

Skerdagh Lower, Co. Mayo
James Deffely
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0086, Page 91

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0086, Page 91

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    A Cure for a cow in the Fairies
    When a cow gets sick it often happens that the fairies are taking her. If such is the case the owner must get 9 elve stones. These stones are to be found in the ground but is pretty hard to get them. They are small and round like marbles with the tracks of fairy fingers on them. These elves stones should be put into a jug, with three half-pence and some chicken weed and the just should be then filled with soft water. It should be left aside for a few hours and the liquid should be given to the cow. It has been known to cure many cows. The old people say that the fairies fire these little stones at each other in the night time when they are out playing and if they desire to bring any animal with them they hit it with one of the elve stones.
    One day a man was out mowing his hay and there was another man along with him. They sat down to rest and suddenly the man heard a dart or an elve stone buzzing by him. They searched round everywhere but they could not find the stone. Suddenly another one whizzed by them but they could not find it either. In times gone by there was a bag of these elves stones in every house to use as necessary.
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