School: Swanzy Memorial N. S. (roll number 10428)

Moville, Co. Donegal
Eilis F. Ní Stiobháird
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1120, Page 89

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1120, Page 89

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  1. In the vicinity of Greencastle Co. Donegal on the main upper road there is a small well called the Tuberich well with a little mound at the back of it.
    In times gone by and still not so many years ago aged people would visit it after sun down for a cure for sore eyes lift out a little bowl full and wash their eyes in the name of
    the Father Son and the Holy
    Ghost and tie the little rag
    used for rubbing their eyes on a
    little thorn bush that never
    grows any bigger. Over a
    hundred years ago an ill minded person broke the cross but the present one was hewn out of a Quorn stone erected
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    Ada Morrison
    Greencastle, Co. Donegal