School: Drong (roll number 15699)

Drung, Co. Donegal
Seán P. Mac Gabhann

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Folklore - Old Graveyards

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1117, Page 157

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In this district there are many places of interest to be seen, to any-one who will go to the trouble of finding out anything about them. Along the road leading from Cassidy's Brae to Drung-hill there is a grave-yard, about 30 yards long. and 20 yards wide, with a small ditch surrounding it. The grave-yard is situated about half a mile from the road, and 200 yards from the Ruskey river. It is in the middle farm of the late William Marshall, owned now by Hugh Toye, Drung. It is said that there is a giant buried there and it is said that any-one who jumps on top of the grave, comes out on small red spots. The grave-yard shows the trace of some very big graves which are probably hundreds of years old. The field that the grave-yard is in is five acres in area, and in the centre of the field

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Eddie Toye
Quigley's Point, Co. Donegal