School: Drong (roll number 15699)

Drung, Co. Donegal
Seán P. Mac Gabhann

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1117, Page 148

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Bird Lore
There are numerous birds to be found in this district and most of them are migratory. When the swallows fly low it is a sign of bad weather because the insects are to be found near the ground. When the sea birds are to be found assembling on the land it is the sign of bad weather.
The various kinds of birds to be found in this locality are, robins, blackbirds, crows, swallows, seagulls, the brent or barnacle goose, the wren, the mag-pie, the jack-daw, the curlew, the blind-bat, the wild-duck, the wag-tail, and the raven.
The robin is a small bird and it builds its nest in a ditch or under a bank, and it is said that if anybody robs its nest that they will never have any luck.
The blackbird is a small bird nearly as large as a crow

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Charles Bonner
Ballyargus, Co. Donegal