School: Drong (roll number 15699)

Drung, Co. Donegal
Seán P. Mac Gabhann

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Local Sayings and Proverbs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1117, Page 142

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Local sayings and proverbs.
There are a good many sayings around the district and the following are some of the most important.-:
When any person is very miserable - looking and stricken with poverty they are said to be "As poor as church mice or as poor as Job's cat."
If any person is out in search or game or fishing and they catch nothing and if anyone asks them what did they get they often say "I got what David shot in the Lough."
When any person has a narrow escape from anything or if they are a second late for a bus they say. "I missed it by the skin of my teeth."
When any people haven't been in some house for a certain time and three or four come in together the woman of the house often says.-: "O! You are all together like Browne's cows."
When anybody is very filthy or when any article has a very black appearance it is said to be, "As black as tar, as black as dungeon, or

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Michael Mc Ghee
Quigley's Point, Co. Donegal