School: Drong (roll number 15699)

Drung, Co. Donegal
Seán P. Mac Gabhann

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The Care of Our Animals

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1117, Page 127

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The care of our farm animals.
We have six cows, seven calves, two horses, six ducks three pigs and five dozen of hens.
All these animals have to be fed three times each day.
The cows are kept in the byre, or cowhouse which as to be cleaned out every day.
They are ties to stakes in the wall with chains.
The horses are kept in a stable which has to be cleaned out daily. The horses are clipped each year with horse-clippers.
Most of the men around here clip their own horses and rear their own horses.
Sometimes the horses takes ill, and die, which is a great loss. Some horses are worse to keep "shod" than others, but the usual run is a set every month if they are working. In winter they are fed on straw, corn, and drinks made of turnips, meal, and bran.

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Eddie Toye
Quigley's Point, Co. Donegal