School: Castlecary

Ballyrattan, Co. Donegal
Mary S.J. Donaghy

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1117, Page 35

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A holy man lost a piece of flesh from his leg as an accident. He divides it into three shares and puts a piece under each of three barrels for several months. But one day in his absence she looked under one of them and saw nothing only a piece of fat, and she did not look under any more of them. In several months' time he told his wife to lift the barrels, and out of the first two, there came two litters of young pigs, but out of the third - the one she had lifted - there ran out rats and mice, and so the man threw his night cap after them and it turned into a cat, and killed some of the rats, and mice, but many of them escaped.

Arthur Peoples
Castlecary, Co. Donegal