School: Clochar na Trócaire, Carn Domhnaigh

Ballylosky, Co. Donegal
An tSr. A. Nic Fhionnlaoich, An tSr. M. Beinín

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Clochar na Trócaire, Carn Domhnaigh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1115, Page 130

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In Effishmore, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal an old hag is said to have lived about one hundred and fifty years ago. She made a custom of milking her neighbours' cows and keeping the milk. Sometimes the people followed her and she changed herself into a hare so that nobody could recognize her. One night some men were out hunting and the old hag was in the form of a hare. One of the men put a sixpence in his gun and fired at her. The sixpence hit the hare in the leg and wounded it badly. A short time afterwards the men came into her house and saw her sitting in the corner spinning. The blood was running in streams from her leg and that is how they recognised her.

There was another old woman living in Tulnaree who practised the Protestant Religion and she also was regarded as a hag. She had two servant boys and she cast a spell on the eldest boy and changed him into a horse. She drove him round the country and brought in whatever goods she wanted. In the morning the poor boy could hardly

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