School: Carrowan (roll number 9577)

Carrowen, Co. Donegal
Donnchadh Mac Fhloinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1110, Page 43

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1110, Page 43

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    Superstition tells us to marry in blue will bring good luck while to try on the wedding dress on the eve of their marriage will bring bad luck. To marry in green is unlucky. White is another lucky colour to marry in. When people marry they usually have a dance that night. Presents are given to the bride and bridegroom by their friends and neighbours. The couple then go for their honeymoon to some nice place. An old custom is to confetti on the bride and bridegroom when they are coming out of the church. A brides cake is usually baked and small pieces of it are sent in boxes to all their friends. The bride cuts this cake herself.
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    Matilda Coyle