School: Carraig an Dubhais (Craigadooish) (roll number 10360)

Creaghadoos, Co. Donegal
Laura Rountree

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Carraig an Dubhais (Craigadooish) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1106, Page 296

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Sprain. People believe in curing a sprain by putting it under a running spout.

Rheumatism. Many people have gone to Doon Well to get cured with the Holy Water. They take a bottle with them, fill it with the mossy water from the well, put a grass cork in the bottle. They must, on leaving the well, leave something like a handkerchief, hairpin, behind them. The person rubs the water on the place where he has the rheumatism. He must believe in the cure in order to get better.
Toothache. Mrs Mc Connell of Carnshanna has the cure. She writes a note and sews it to the inside garment next the skin. This is to be kept until it wears off. Otherwise the toothache will return.
Heart-Fever. Mrs Brown of Craigadooish has the cure. The person takes off most of his clothes. Mrs. B. Has a cup of oaten meal covered with a silk cloth. Keeping the cup up close is the poison she goes round the body with the cup three times. as she goes she is saying something to her self. Then she looks into the cup and if the person has the disease there will be

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Laura Rountree