School: Gráinseach Ailt an Chaistín (St. Johnston)

Saint Johnstown, Co. Donegal
Seán Ó Seanacháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1106, Page 9

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1106, Page 9

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  1. Bird Lore
    The following birds are found in the district around St.Johnston in Co.Donegal. The Village is situated on the bank of the Foyle. It does have the tide twice every day and as a result of that we do have numerous sea birds whose names will be found in the following list:- the robin, the crow, the seagull, the hawk, the hedgesparrow, the housesparrow, the wren, the tomtit, the pigeon, the thrush, the blackbird, the woodpecker, the magpie, the chaffinch, the curlew, the swan, the wild goose, the snipe, the corncrake, the lark, the wild duck, the crane, the jackdaw, the pheasant, the brown owl, the barn owl, the white owl, the heron, the stork, the starling, the field fare, the bluetit, the greentit, the yellow hammer, the yellow yeldron, the grey, the swallow, the swift, the martin, the sandpiper, the wagtail, the twink, the bullfinch, the goldfinch, the kindfisher, the woodcock, the partridge, the grouse, the teal, the widgeon, the plover, the peewit, the waterhen, the coot, the dove, the turtle dove, the redshank, the sandmartin.
    The birds which build their nests in houses are the sparrow, the swallow, the
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