School: Gráinseach Ailt an Chaistín (St. Johnston)

Saint Johnstown, Co. Donegal
Seán Ó Seanacháin

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Gráinseach Ailt an Chaistín (St. Johnston) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1106, Page 58

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St. Baoithin is buried on the island of Iona beside the old monastery of St. Columbkille. There he spent the latter part of his life, there he died and was buried.

There is a holy well dedicated to his honour in the townland of Tolar(?) about two miles from the village of St. Johnston.

Netta Hamilton

The information concerning St. Baoithin and his monastery was obtained from Tom Magee, St. Johnston, Aged about 50 and caretaker of the Old Graveyard.

Two episodes in Irish History have left an indelible impression on this district. One is the Plantation of Ulster and the other is the Seige of Derry.

The Plantation of Ulster from 1608-1625 introduced the Scottish Presbyterians of which the majority of the inhabitants are still made up. The plantation was so successful in the rich, fertile lands of the Laggan that descendants of the original settlers are still in occupation

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