School: Leatbeg (roll number 16146)

Leat Beg, Co. Donegal
Mrs Peoples

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Leatbeg | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1091, Page 180

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A simple shrine unchanged by time on the hills of Donegal
Oh, Donegal I long to see your native hills once more
As I am now an exile upon a foreign shore
Whenever I return again I'll build a castle tall
And live where my forefathers lived and die in Donegal.
Maggie Carr
Carrigart, Lifford.

The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
There's a sweet garden spot in my memory
It's the place I was born and reared
'Tis long years ago since I left it
But return there I will If I'm spared
My friends and companions of