School: Leatbeg (roll number 16146)

Leat Beg, Co. Donegal
Mrs Peoples

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Leatbeg | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1091, Page 055

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until he would finish his dinner.
When he was done he told the tinker to come out to the street. There was an old wheel-car lying on the street and he caught it and threw it out of the way.The he told the tinker to shake hands before they would fight. He reached out his hand and Paddy caught it. He gave it such a squeeze that he burst the tinkers fingers. The tinker gave a yell and shouted that he was beaten.
John Morrow.
Told by my father William Morrow. Leatbeg.
There is an old man living down in the town land of Balloor named Callaghan and when he was in his prime he could life five hundred weight.
John Morrow.
Told by Joe Gallagher.
A man named James Reed