School: Cruach Ros (roll number 15532)

Croaghross, Co. Donegal
Colm Ó Baoighill

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Cruach Ros | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1091, Page 006

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A gentleman of honour,
Like wise of birth and fame.

The Maherawarden people,
They showed us no respect;
They killed our gallant sailor boys
And broke our captain's neck.

Now to conclude and finish
I mean to end my song;
She was as good a frigate,
As to the King belonged.

She was well manned, we are told,
To face the enemy,
But Neptune brave that rules the seas
Soon had conquered thee.

Ins an bhliadhain naoi gceud deag agus a cúig (1905) bhí bád trí crann ag dul ó Shasain go dtí Barbadoes le lód guail fa thuairm míle tonna. Bád as an Orbhuaidh a b'eadh í. Captaoin Peterson an t-ainm a bhí ar an chaptaoin. Nuair a bhí sí taobh amuigh

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