School: Tamney (Robertson)

Tawny, Co. Donegal
Mrs Kyle

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Ancient Customs of the People

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1090, Page 343

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The people of olden times had many customs which were held on Hallow Eve night and May Day.
Here are a few of them:-
(1) Burning of nuts,
(2) There saucers, one full of clear water, one full of dirty water, and another saucer with no water in it at all,
(3) Peeling an apple at twelve Oclock,
(4) Knocking at hen-house door at twelve Oclock,
(1) The way they burned the nuts was, They got two nuts and dried them at the fire, and set them on fire and put them close together. Then they put a boys name on one nut and a girls name on the other, and if the nuts burned close together, that boy or girl would marry happily, if one of the nuts jumped away, they would be separated.
(2) The custom about the three saucers, was
First, they blindfolded some person and they put three saucers on the table, one with clean water in it, another with dirty water in it, and the third one with no water in it at all.
Then the person who was blindfolded was taken to the table and if (he) she put their

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Mary A. Gallagher