School: Tamney (Robertson)

Tawny, Co. Donegal
Mrs Kyle

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The Murder of Reverend William Hamilton 1797

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1090, Page 326

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Before the Disestablishment of the Irish Church in 1869 the Protestant Church was called the State Church.
Its Chergymen were supported by the tithes paid by all classes of people. Sometimes this caused great discontent between the Presbyterians. Catholics, and the Protestants.
Often times a plot was set against the Minister.
The name of the Minister in Tamney Rectory at that time was. "The Rev William Hamilton" and he found great trouble in gathering up the tithes, due to him. One time, a plot was set against him, and he heard of it, so he fled away to the Rectory of Sharron near Manorcunningham and he wasn't long landed till the people followed him to kill him.
The hall door of the Rector of Sharron was open, and as the Rev William Hamilton was passing through into another room, they fired in a shot in of the door, and

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Maggie Matilda Borland
over 12
Tawny, Co. Donegal