School: Tamney (Robertson)

Tawny, Co. Donegal
Mrs Kyle

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1090, Page 318

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People of long ago had great belief in charms and various magical cures, and a great many of these have been handed down to the people of the present day.
Here are a few of them:-
I will take some of the different cures for warts first. Some of these have proved true
If you go after a funeral and take some clay from the sole of your foot, rub the clay on your warts, and throw they clay after the funeral, when the body rots the warts will go away.
Another one is. If you cut a potato into nine slices, and rub them on your warts. Then put them into a nice parcel, and put the parcel along the road, and who ever lifts the parcel will get the warts, and the warts will go away from you.
One for a sty:-
Take ten stabs of a gooseberry bush and point the nine stabs on the sty and throw the tenth away, and the sty will go away in a few days.
One for whooping-cough:-
Put some milk into a saucer and give the milk to a ferret and only let it take a little drop of the milk and take the rest of the milk yourself and the whooping-cough will go away.

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