School: Tamney (Robertson)

Tawny, Co. Donegal
Mrs Kyle

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Danish Burial Places

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1090, Page 317

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On the main road to Portsalon, about one mile from the village of Tamney is a farm known as Springfield farm.
In the corner of one of the fields of this farm, bordering on the road, there used to be an old graveyard.
The owner of the field thought that this disfigured the field, so, although he had been warned not to do so, he ploughed this part of the field in with the other cultivated part.
But soon bad luck fell in him, his crops failed, his cattle and horses died, and he was unable to hold the farm any longer and had to sell out and leave the place.
The part of the field where the old graveyard was may still be noticed as it is a little higher and greener than the remainder of the field.
On Croghan island in Mulroy Bay is another old graveyard, and the little mounds can still be seen from the top of the Carn on the road to Kindrum