School: Ballyheerin (roll number 16279)

Ballyheerin, Co. Donegal
Aodh Ó Frighil

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1090, Page 188

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How St Columcille cut the salmon out of Mulroy Bay.

One day St Columcille was walking on the banks of Mulroy Bay. He came across three men who were just landing after being out fishing salmon, and who on the saint's approach hid their catch lest they should have to divide with him.
Colmcille, knowing of what had done, drew nigh to them and inquired if they got any. They answered that they did not. Then the saint said "If you did not catch, may you catch, and if you did catch, may you never catch". From that day forth a salmon was never caught in the waters of Mulroy.

This district has been visited often by numerous beggars and more so in former days. The most famous of them was "Orange Peter". We would be inclined to think from his title that he was an Orangeman but he was not. No person hated the Orangement more than he and he used to sing pieces of lyrics such as "We'll tramp dee orange lily under our feet" and "Up dee long ladder and down dee short rope, To hell wi' King William and God bless dee Pope". These verses he sang when he got some Protestant listening.
He was, according to himself, a Cavan man

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Aodh Ó Frighil