School: Ráth Mhaoláin (Robertson) (roll number 10374)

Rathmullan, Co. Donegal
Éamonn Mac Stiopháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1088, Page 045

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1088, Page 045

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    How we play hand-ball. Two boys can play hand-ball and they get a square, and they hit the ball with their hand. They must let the ball bounce once on the ground and if it bounces more than once on the ground then they are out, or if the ball bounces outside the square then they are out (Compiled by school-children) 11th May, 1938.
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  2. Subhead 2 Local Proverbs.
    The greatest troubles are those that never happen.
    Nothing worth having is easily won.
    A contented mind is a blessing kind, and a merry heart is a purse well lined.
    He that neglects time, time will neglect.
    Do not hurry, do not flurry, nothing good is got by worry.
    An old man changes his mind, a fool nevers.
    It;s hard to deal with the miser.
    Don't throw out the dirty water till you are sure of the clean.
    New brooms sweep clean but the old one might know the corners as well.
    (Butter to butter is no kitchen: (See over)
    You may watch a thief but you can't watch a liar.
    There is more in his head than a comb will take out.
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