School: Lurganboyce (roll number 14224)

Lurganboy, Co. Donegal
Antoine Ó Cairbre

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1088, Page 027

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him but all say that their fathers knew Domhnall very well. He was known as "Domhnall na dtaibhseach" because he was reputed during his life-time to have held conversations with the dead and to have learned from them about the sufferings they were undergoing in Purgatory. He used to go out on "Oidhche na Marbh" and hold converse with several departed souls who always advised him about what their relatives, still members of the Church Militant, were to do for them in order to release them from their sufferings. With one exception all these when on Earth resided in the district. The exception was a young girl from Raphoe who appeared to him a short time after her death and who asked him to go to her people in Raphoe and to tell them what they were to do to release her from her suffering. Tradition says that Domhnall did as she requested him and that the deceased girl's parents gave him the present of a valuable horse for his trouble. I am not able to ascertain the exact time when Domhnall lived but it must have been at least one hundred years. Tradition still preserves throughout different parts of this parish the name of "Domhnall na dtaibhseach".

The following remarkable Ghost Story has often been told to me by different people:- Many years

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Anthony Carbery