School: Lurganboyce (roll number 14224)

Lurganboy, Co. Donegal
Antoine Ó Cairbre

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1088, Page 016

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exception of the chancel and a little strip of ground to the South-East which was excluded from the sale, passed into the hands of Mr Matthew Corry Ramelton

A Cow “Shot”— in this district and in my own native district Inver in South Donegal the belief is still held that cows are sometimes shot by the Fairies and the cure is as follows:- The Sign of the Cross is made on the point of the cow’s tail, on her back and between her two horns. A live coal is carried round the cow’s body and put under her nose until she smells it. Oaten meal is then burned under her nose and the Sign of the Cross is again made under the cow. She is also measured three times and the Sign of the Cross is made after each measurement.

Anthony Carbery

Tradition says that long ago many people churned for several hours but no butter formed. Witches were than [sic] supposed to have taken the butter. These witches were often their immediate neighbours who through the assistance of the Devil took away the butter. It is said that the witch used to go to the house of the intended victim and ask for the loan of some butter which she would then take home and place inside the roof of her kitchen until it turned green. After that the witch was able to have all the neighbour's butter.

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