School: Milford (roll number 10586)

Millford, Co. Donegal
James Mc Veigh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1087, Page 085

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When the milk is churned the butter is lifted from the churn by hand and put into a wooden bowl. It is then washed and salted. After that it is well mixed and then it is haired. It then it is washed two or three times to wash all the salt out of it again.
Sometimes if there is too much hot water put into the butter to quicken it, it becomes scalded. Sometimes the butter is a very bright yellow shade. if the butter is too pale butter dye is used to give it a colour.
The buttermilk that is left over after the churning is liked by the country folk as a drink. it is also used to put in bread along with baking soda. The butter is used to put on bread and to make cakes with.
But if water is left in butter the butter does not keep. Around here people put butter when plentiful into a butt to keep it until the butter gets scarce again.

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Meta Mc Connell
Millford, Co. Donegal