School: Glenalla (roll number 10744)

Glenalla, Co. Donegal
Maude McCormack

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Games I Play

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1086, Page 60

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These are some of the games that we play, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo Blow Football, Cards, tig, Blindman’s Buff, Rats and rabbits, Sheep, Foot-baller, Dusty Bluebells, The Grand Old Duke of York, Bulls and Bears, The mouse in the basket, Old Rodger is dead, Lazy Mary get up to day, Frogo, Sticky Doll, Chickens, The big Ship sails through the Allie, Allie, O, on the eighteenth of December, Hide and Seek, Water, Water, Wallflowers, growing up so high, There was a Jolly Miller, Here we go round the Mullberry Bush, Leap Frog, Biggie back, Skipping, Sea Saw, Oranges and Lemons, the bells of the Clemence, Here we go gathering nuts in May on a cold and frosty morning, Dominoes, Bowling, Draughts and Cricket.

This is the way Snakes and Ladders are played. Each player has a

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