School: Woodland (roll number 8464)

Woodland, Co. Donegal
Mrs Crossan

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Woodland | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1085, Page 9

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You have to wash your feet in peat water. Then you have to say some prayers and take up some water from Doon Well while still on your bare feet. Always when leaving the well you have to leave some little rag or emblem behind you.
(2) The person who has toothache should get a prayer written by a married woman who had the same surname as the man before she got married. Then he should tie the prayer on his clothes. As long as the prayer is kept on the clothes he will have no toothache.
Another cure for toothache is to go to the Bishop and get the face rubbed with the Bishop's ring.
(3) Toothache is cured by ground washing-soda. Snuff it up the nostrils.
(4) A ring of any sort put on your finger by another person. Keep it on your finger as long as your live. This cures toothache.
(5) Tobacco held in the tooth.
(6) A simple cure is a pinch of soda or ginger. Sips of hot water will cure it. If it is very bad a towel wrung out of cold water and placed at the back of the neck or head is a good remedy.

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