School: Ednacarnon (roll number 3523)

Edenacarnan South, Co. Donegal
Máire, Bean Staráid

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Ednacarnon | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1081, Page 187

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On the 23rd May 1902, there was a great rain storm. There was a lot of bridges tumbled. There is a little river running through Mr. James Gailey's farm. This river was stopped by the stones and the mud carried down by the water. The water turned across a field and made another river. This place is still to be seen.

On the 9th. April, 1915, there was a great snowstorm. In some glens the snow was twenty feet deep. It lay in glens and on hills for six weeks. Lots of cattle died as there could be no food got for them.