School: Más an Easa (B.) (roll number 14775)

Masiness, Co. Donegal
Prionnseas Mac Carraigh

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Cures from Herbs and Plants which are Still Used in this District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1075, Page 138

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Cures from Herbs and Plants, which
Juniper berries and tops of Juniper stems are still used here as cures for coughs and bronchitis. They are boiled, and the juice is drunk.
The juice of Nettles is still used as a cure for measles and "nirls" (chicken - pox)
Slánlás is held to be very powerful in stopping blood, and as a cure for wounds.
Bog Bean (bacharán) is pulled in Spring, boiled and mixed with lime, or sulphur, and is used as medicine for the blood, and as a tonic.
The sting of the Day Nettle (Heanntógaí) is thought to produce whitlow, especially in the harvest.
Chick - weed (Flíath) is used as poultices in case of swelling and boils.
Dandelion (Cáisearbhán) is used for indigestion. The leaves are pulled and given to cows

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