School: Más an Easa (B.) (roll number 14775)

Masiness, Co. Donegal
Prionnseas Mac Carraigh

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Wedding Superstitions in this District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1075, Page 126

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1. Up to recently there was no whiskey drank on the wedding day until a glass of whiskey was first thrown up into the air for the fairies. If this was not done ill-luck was thought to ensue on the young couple.
2. A bright wedding day was thought to be lucky for both bride and groom. If however the morning was better than the evening it was thought that the bride would be luckier than the groom.
3. It was considered unlucky if a wedding met a funeral either going or coming to church.
Old Marriage Customs in this Locality.
Up to recent years all they guests at the wedding walked on the following Sunday in pairs behind the bride and groom to church. They all went on after Mass to the bride's house where the wedding feast was again held. This was called - "The Out-going Sunday". It was quite common until about 10 years ago, but is never practiced now.

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