School: Más an Easa (B.) (roll number 14775)

Masiness, Co. Donegal
Prionnseas Mac Carraigh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1075, Page 125

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1. If at all possible, the coffin should be carried out of the house, and into the chapel by people who are of the same surname as deceased.
2. Pipes and tobacco were taken to the graveyard and distributed among the men who attended the funeral. (This custom is rapidly dying out).
3. A person meeting a funeral should take three steps back along the road with the funeral.
4. At all Catholic funerals in this district "offerings" are collected while the coffin lies before the altar, and are given to the priest.
5. All bed-covering, sheets, etc. on the bed where the corpse was laid-out should be immediately taken off the bed, as soon as the corpse is removed out of the house. It is thought that another death will take place if this is not attended to.